Bespoke CRM for Unnamed Investment Company

— Design Strategy • Team Leader • Interaction & Visual Design • User Research —

How does a veteran venture capital firm maintain a leg up on the competition and leverage its years of expertise? With a custom secure web application that allows associates a partners to quickly research any company they've ever had contact with, find new companies ripe for investment, and close deals, even on the go.

I led a team that collaborated with stakeholders to define the product design and feature set. We refined the UX and created a modular set of design patterns that could be use to extend the app. We worked directly with their Product and Engineering team on implementation and QA.

While the company was initially very concerned about by-in and adoption from users, as a result of our careful planning and user-centered design process, users flocked to the new system and praised its ease-of-use.

User Types, Flows & Key Scenarios
Sketches & Ideation
Interactive Prototype
Design Pattern Library