Paid Digital Content for Time Inc.

— Team Leader • Design Strategy • Account Management —

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Time Inc. on many projects over the last couple of years, including a premium celebrity recipe app, several of PEOPLE’s web products, including the people.com home page and many marketing campaigns.

In 2015, I led the team that designed the paywall experience for PEOPLE. Following that project they asked us create a paid content experience for many of their titles, including TIME, Money, Cooking Light, Real Simple, & InStyle. We worked with representatives from each brand to find a solution that utilized best practices while staying true to each unique brand.

I lead the design strategy, handled budgeting and estimating, and maintained the client relationship.

We delivered the paywall placements, a stream of on-boarding emails, and a responsive subscription flow as a full fidelity HTML/CSS prototype ready to be incorporated into their systems.

Paywall UX & Subscription Forms

On-boarding Emails

Along with the paywall, many Time Inc. titles launched digital accounts for the first time. I developed a strategy to engage these new users via a series of emails. We welcomed folks to the brand, introduced them to the breadth of content available, kept them up-to-date as new content was published, and ultimately encouraged them to subscribe to the brands they'd grown to love.

My team created the design patterns, wrote and designed each email, and coded pixel-perfect (ha! this was email) templates that could be easily customized for each brand.

Digital Product Marketing

While most of our work with Time focused on rolling out the Paywall UX across brands, we also had the opportunity to help promote several stand-alone paid digital products.

For the Real Simple Week Night Meal Planner we were tasked with creating awareness around product that people loved, but few knew about. I led the team that created a broad range of campaign concepts, worked with the brand owners to narrow in on the best ideas, and executed that campaign across a range of media, including a print ad. To get the concepts exactly right, we commissioned a custom photo shoot complete with a food stylist.